Kitesurf Awards

Best Photo and video


We at Frozen Palm Tree are holding a video and photo competition for everyone Kitesurfing in Denmark. We aim to encourage video creators from around the country to share their unique perspective on kitesurfing in Denmark. We hope that this can help create some more buzz about kitesurfing in Denmark and get more people into the sport. Frozen Palm Tree and sponsors will reward the content creators in Denmark that inspire us to kitesurf more. 



The Danish Kitesurf Awards 2019 is over. The winners in each category are the following:


1. Daniel Folke

2. Isak Anton Petersen


1. Mikkel Hansen

2. Marc Skjødt Pedersen

Photography Category

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Video Category

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 Here are the awards for top 2 in each category.

1. 4 T-shirts or 1 Sweat/shirt + 1 T-shirt

2. I Poncho + 1 T-shirt. 


Apply now to enter the competition.

Filming period: Film and Photo must be from 2019. The material must be handed in before 3rd of November.

Public Voting period: Until 15th of November

The contributions that received the most votes by November 15 will be among the finalists that our jury will evaluate and select the top two in each category. The winner will be announced on this page on the evening of November 23.

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Alexander Lewis-Hughes

Head Judge of the Kite Park League, pro rider and first-rate legend Alexander Lewis Hughes knows all too well the importance of good execution, style and power. As one of the most experienced riders in the industry, he is renowned for his passion, technicality and precision.

Esben Zollner Olesen

Fulltime Danish Copenhagen based professional photographer specialized in dramatic on location photos that stand out from the crowd. esbenzollnerolesen.com

Simon Bang Kjeldgaard

Simon is a full time freelance content creator with a love for filmmaking. simonbangedit.com



In our Facebook group: Danish Kitesurf Awards


  • All film and photo needs to be from 2019.
  • All film and photo must be from Denmark.
  • Your video can be up to two minutes long.
  • You can have up to five pictures in the photo category.
  • Your video needs to have kitesurfing in it :) You are welcome to include other sports as you wish.
  • We will publish your instagram content on this page if you use the hashtag #danishkitesurfawards. You need to tell us what content pieces that you want to enter the contest with before 3rd of November. Send it to tobias@frozenpalmtree.dk

Photo and video

  • Impact - what you feel when you first view the Entry. Does the photo/video evoke an emotion from the viewer? This is best explained by the "I wish I'd taken that picture” reaction. Given a choice, the action is preferable to a static scene. .
  • Creativity– how the Entrant was able to convey their idea, message or thought in an original and imaginative way through their lens.
  • Story Telling – how the Entrant is able to let their Photo/Video Entry evoke the viewer’s imagination, which may differ by each viewer.
  • Difficulty – this relates to motion, lighting conditions (including weather), selection of an appropriate viewpoint and inherent danger.

Each category will have 5 finalists who will compete for the first and second prizes in each category. The finalists will be the 5 most voted content creators by the public. Each application that reaches the final will be evaluated by the jury that will choose the winner of each category. If a category doesn’t have more than 5 participants, all participants will go straight to the final where the public vote will count as one Jury vote.

Yes. All content needs to be shot in Denmark though.

Yes absolutely!

Yes absolutely! Remember this is a for-fun competition and we don’t have any limits to the minimum riding or content creation level. You are also welcome to team up with another person. Let us know if you would like to team up with someone and we will do our best to find a partner for you.

  • Submit your application today! Even if you are unsure if you will have time to make one. It’s okay if you need to bail out.
  • Start to film early. It’s nice to have as many clips as possible as you get into the editing process.
  • Make a story before you start filming. See the videos below.

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