Elite gruppe kursus kitesurfing

Normalpris 2.749,00 kr
Our most popular kitesurfing course is tailor made for those who want to learn kitesurf from scratch, focusing on security, freedom and personal development.

Elite is for you who are interested in learning to kitesurf and want to know all aspects of the sport. Here we focus on safety and how the safety features work, as well as the practical maneuvers.

The aim of the kit course is that afterwards you should be able to select yourself a "spot" and surf on your own. The course is divided into three days, with a theory module of 2 hours and two practical modules on hours. Three days filled with theory and practice, and guaranteed an experience you will remember for a long time.

The elite course lasts mostly over a Saturday and Sunday, starting Saturday approximately. pm. 13.00. During the peak season, it has also been possible to take the Elite course on weekdays. It is also possible to split the course in three days, which are not in line.

We started the Elite course in order to give the student more time to melt theory and practice together. Turbokurset is more intense with a lot of information and speed. By choosing the Elite course, you get better time to get into things and repeat with an experienced instructor by his side. In this way you get a better understanding of the sport and the forces you have to do. It creates peace of mind when you go out on your own.

You also receive a 50% discount on our Team Training for three months after you finish the first 10 hours.

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The elite course includes:

1 movie with instructions.

Access to educational materials online

10 hour kite lessons

50% off team training for 3 months after course. (Value 2400 kr.)

Possibility of certification (Danish Navy, IKO or KSA)


The Elite course runs every weekend throughout the season, the theory modules are typically every Tuesday from 19:30 - 21:30, however, more courses are being created. In the high season, however, Elite will also run in everyday life.

Number of hours: 10 hours
In 3 or 4 people booking a course we are flexible with date and time, please contact us for further information.